Preparing your home for sale

Maximise interest and value with our top tips

Maximise Potential

Obvious defects such as damp or rotting windows can be off-putting. A few repairs can work wonders.

Consider redecorating in stylish or neutral colours and replacing tired flooring. Many buyers want to move straight in without worrying about décor. Take a look at your main entrance – first impressions count.

Buyers love a property that is well presented. De-cluttering, arranging garden furniture and professionally cleaning inside and out really works.

Ensure your boundaries and any public footpaths or rights of way are defined and there are no ongoing disputes. House hunters do not like uncertainty.

Buyers are discouraged by unknown maintenance costs. It is much better to be open about these to allow informed decisions.

Securing an option to buy or rent adjacent land or a nearby paddock can increase value and saleability.

By highlighting the potential of your property you increase its saleability and possible value, without necessarily incurring the expense of the actual work.